Friday, October 3, 2008

Discovery Hua Hin in 3 hrs.

Leisure Route around Hua Hin

It's not a bad idea to start from historic place-Hua Hin Railway station, where you can touch a feeling of Hua Hin in 1920s, when most people arrived and left this beach resort by train. This is a nice place to take a picture for your memory about Hua Hin.

Walk straight to the east on Damneonkasem Rd. ,you'll see Pon Kingpetch (1 st Thai boxing who won the World Boxing Champion) statue stands on the right side. Across the main Street-Petchkasem Rd. , pass the Post office you will find many of nice restaurants in European style especially Italian. Go furthermore to very end of the road; you will enter another symbolic place of Hua Hin-Sofitel Central Hotel (1 st hotel built in Hua Hin), where its landscape is unique by formed tree. Take some time relax at the Museum Caf? in the beautiful colonial architecture. (Suggest walking in from the side and outing at the main entrance.)From the front of Sofitel Central's main entrance ( Naresdamari Rd. ), keep going on north, Hilton hotel seems to be a Landmark for Hua Hin already since more than 10 years ago (nice viewpoint on the 17 th floor). Just follow the light, many kind of restaurants, tailors, and souvenir shops along both side road well describe why some people name this path “the Golden Mile”. As you pass Hilton, small alley on the right will lead you to the terrace by the sea-another observation deck at the heart of Hua Hin.

All the way to the end, Fishing Pier is another spot that you could see Hua Hin in a wide skyline panorama. Coming in a right time, and you will see the nature sun beautifully set down behind the hill.

Back to Dechanuchit road, which leads you to the famous Hua Hin night market, where you could feel and touch the ordinary Thai way of life.

Approximate time spending : 2 hrs.You may find a nice place for your dinner during your leisure trip.After a walk at night Market, other choices of optional routes are available with some scattering retail stores along. Also, nightlife area is just a short distance away.

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