Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Horse Riding along Hua Hin Beach

Hua Hin Beach and horse riding is something that is perfectlymatched together for a nice and enjoyable activity for tourists.
There are around 60 horses scatters on Hua Hin beach everyday. Most of them are gather at the main beach entrance (East of Damnernkasem Rd. close to Sofitel Hotel) waiting for tourists to hop on.

You can choose any horse that you like suit to you body and skill for your trip. The jockey will help you to get on the horse and guide you what to do when you are on the horse to make sure that you will be safe and enjoy the moment. During the Trip, beside beauty scene of blue sea and white sandy beach, you can enjoy observing the Hua Hin’s summer houses which some of them are very old and should be conserved, some of them has been renovated and this will give you the sensation of Hua Hin as it is known as the first beach resort of Thailand.

Also, Takiab Beach south of Hua Hin is now very popular for horse riding.

Enjoy Riding!!!