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Phra Nakhon Khiri Muang Phet Fair

Date : 10 - 19 April 2009

Venue : Khao Wang and Around the City Limit of Phetchaburi
"Khao Wang" is a hill located in the heart of Phetchaburi city, it is the location of frist hill palace of Thailand. "Phra Nakhon Khiri" palace was built by King Chomklao (Mongkut), or the Rama IV reign, in 1859, with Chao Phaya Sri Suriyawong (Chuang Bunnag) was the chief architect. It was builtl with a palace temple, Wat Phra Keo Noi, a stupa, to contain the relics of Lord Buddha named by the Kings as Chompetch relics and planted temple trees on both sides connecting the three hills and the group of the throne halls.
Phra Nakhon Khiri is a main tourist attraction of Phetchaburi with importance in history, culture and natural beauty. In 1935 it was registered as a historical place and in 1979 was declared as a national museum of the monument type. every year from Febuary through April the temple trees on Khao Wang hill almost 200 years old numbering 1,263 trees all showed off more than one million flowers.
Phra Nakhon Khiri or Khao Wang hill has been the place of the annual fair of Phetchaburi continuously up to 22 times. In 2009 it will reach the 150th anniversary. The 2009 annual fair uses the concept of "150th Anniversary to Mark King Rama IV" scheduled to be held from April 10-19, 2009 at Khao Wang and around the city limit of Phetchaburi. It combines with the Phetchaburi Red Cross Fair for the public and tourists to participate in the activities and make merits with the Phetchaburi Red Cross Society.
Activities at Phra Nakhon Khiri - Phetchaburi CityThe ceremony is to worship the city pillar shrine/the ancestral kings, exhibition to honor the ancestral kings and sustainable economy, the performances of Department of Fine Arts, a parade to honor the kings and the Phetchaburi way of life. Performances on the central stage, a contest of sweet Phetchaburi beauties, demonstration of foods and local sweets, ox chariot racing, decoration of lights and fairworks on Khao Wang each night. They will set up booths selling OTOPs at the fair, set up sales booths at the Red Cross fair and selling Phetchaburi Red Cross raffle to win the cup of HRH Princess Somdet Phrathep Rattanasuda Siam Baromratch Kumari.
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Magic Moments in Khmer heritage

A splash of sunlight penetrating an ancient temple cloister signals a distinctive celebration at Prasat Phanom Rung.
Knowing the exact moment to witness a spectacular sunrise through the doorway of an ancient Hindu temple requires a detailed calculation. The amber sun is perfectly aligned in the centre of the main doorway to a temple standing on a former volcanic mountain in northeast Thailand.
Actually, the sun rays pass straight through 15 perfectly aligned doorways of Prasat Phanom Rung, a revered and ancient Hindu monastery, just four times a year -– two sets of sunrises, in April and September, and two sets of sunsets, in March and October.These spectacular solar-related events, that also bear religious significance in the Hindu faithful, span just three days –- 2, 3 and 4 April. The second day is considered the most auspicious as the sun is visible dead centre of the outer doorway of this Khmer Hindu temple. Sun rays cast light through 15 aligned doorways that span 75 metres of the temple’s inner courtyard illuminating a revered lingam deep in the main sanctuary. On the other two days, the sun passes one of the corners of these doorways.
Located about 120 km east of Nakhon Ratchasima, the gateway to the northeast region, Prasat Phanom Rung presents a picturesque setting high above the surrounding countryside. A series of steps lead to this ancient monument that stands on the peak of an extinct volcano offering panoramic views of rice fields and hazy mountains on the border with Cambodia.
While photographers will not want to miss the opportunity to capture the 3 April sunrise perfectly aligned within the lintels of the doorways, most visitors will settle for the evening festivals and a colourful light and sound show organised by the Tourism Authority of Thailand performing nightly from 2 to 4 April.
Officially known as the “Ascent of the Mountain Annual Festival” or the “Festival Of The Thousand Year Miracle of the Phanom Rung Grand Shrine” the celebrations start with the religious significance of the sunrises, but continue with community festivities on each of the three days, well into the night.
The 80-minute light and sound show, that start at 20:00, highlights the history of Prasat Phanom Rung and explains the significance of the sunrise and its alignment with the temple’s courtyard doors. The show is described as an “extravagant outdoor Son et Lumiere performances led by a large cast of actors, dancers and acrobats.”This evening spectacular, held within the temple complex, compliments the daytime activities that start with the sunrise ceremonies and are followed by colourful festivities throughout the day. In the afternoon there is almost a carnival spirit as visitors enjoy the local food specialities sold at stalls, the folk music and dances as well as handicraft displays. Many visitors are tempted to stay on to admire the floodlight sanctuary, or slumber through night under the stars to ensure they have a prime spot to participate in the sunrise ceremonies on the following morning.

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Krabi International Rock Climbing 2009

Date : Apirl 17 - 19 2009
Venue : Tonsai Beach and Poda Island, Krabi
Krabi province in cooperation with Krabi Provincial Administration Organization, Krabi Tourist Association, TAT Krabi Office and Railay Rock Climbing Club, is going to co-organise "Krabi International Rock Climbing 2009". This event aims to publicize rock climbing activity in Krabi Province and to push rock climbing activity as annual tourism promotional event of the province. In addition,the image of Krabi will be projected as "Rock Climbing Destination", as it is renowned among the rock climbers that Krabi is a not-to-be-misses destination with its world renowned cliffs, beautiful nature and fully equipped facilities.
Krabi has world-class rock climbing sites, with more than 600 rock climbing routes. The rock climbers are able to select their own levels and challenges. Another outstanding point is that beautiful scenery of Krabi province can be viewed from the top of the cliffs,such as limestone mountains shaped like boot, junk ship and bird's head. as well as some islands like Koh Poda, Koh Tab, KohKai. etc.
The competition is divided into two categories, which are ;
1. Lead Climbing Marathon
2. Deep Water Soloing
Apart from rock climbing activity, threr are competitions on "Thailand Bouldering Asia Cup" and "Fire Contest". It is expected that Krabi International Rock Climbing will make the province know nationally and internationally and will stimulate tourism in the province to a certain level.
Those who are interested to join the contest can check more information and apply at Krabi Tourist Association, Tel. : +66 (0) 7562 3944
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Variations on the Songkran theme

Pattaya celebrates Songkran a week laterPattaya and its neighbouring resorts in Chonburi province celebrate Songkran a week later than the rest of the country, which gives the festival’s hardcore followers a second round of fun if they are still on holiday.In Pattaya, the festival is officially called Wanlai and starts in Naklua a village community at the northern tip of the resort and continues in unabated enthusiasm, all week throughout the resort, from the Naklua tip to the Jomtien toe.However, the more traditional elements of the festival are best witnessed in Naklua, 18 April, when residents turn out for a parade of Buddha images and an image bathing ceremony. About 20 km north of Pattaya resort, residents in the beachside town of Bangsaen start the festivities on 16 April, with a grand competition to build more than 100 sand pagodas on the beach. Monks receive alms from residents at a beachside venue. Once the ceremonies are over beach sport competitions begin with a riot of water splashing between spectators.
Nearby, Si Chang, a small island close to the coastal town of Si Racha, is the scene of a sand pagoda competition, where local children patiently build their dream castles. Festivities include local sports and a beauty contest.Sattahip, a naval base town 25 km south of Pattaya, also celebrates Songkran, 15 to 17 April, in a similar style with sand pagoda and beauty contests. Further south, along the eastern seaboard, provinces such as Rayong, Chantaburi and Trat are all in sync with the rest of the country celebrating the festival 12 to 15 April.

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Songkran off the tourist track

Here are some tips on where to enjoy Songkran and chill out at the same time.
Songkran, 13 to 15 April, is a national festival best known for the copious quantities of water thrown from buckets on unsuspecting passers-by, who quickly appreciate how cooling this fun-filled festival really is especially during the peak of the summer heat wave. There are serious elements, too, such as the annual bathing of Buddha images carried out at temples and homes across the country. Children sprinkle water on the heads of elders to pay respect. In this gentle incarnation, the festival reflects the time-honoured traditions of a nation that respects age and the role of seniors in a family environment.While the religious and cultural aspects are not forgotten, this three-day festival certainly majors on the fun of splashing friends, and even strangers, with a bucket of water, or any other container that comes in handy.Everyone takes it in good spirits, laughing and returning the pleasure in good measure. It also helps that this is the hottest month of the year and a bucket of icy cold water might not be exactly what the doctors ordered, but it relieves the stress and discomfort as the mercury rises.

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Phuket International Cricket Sixes 2009

Anyone for cricketω
A fast forward version of cricket showcases at the annual Phuket Sixes, 15 to 19 April.
Cricket is not exactly a sport that we would associate with Phuket, but a mini-version, fast and furious, is now a fixture on the resort island’s annual calendar.

Phuket Cricket Sixes 2009 will see approximately 26 cricket teams compete for honours on the grass at Karon beach’s stadium, 15 to 19 April.Three days of cricket will eliminate club teams for a final battle at the stumps to claim a charity trophy.
Launched in 2004, the tournament attracts club teams from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, India, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Borneo, Bahrain, Australia and the UK.Calcutta Cricket & Football Club, from India won the trophy last year.
According to the event’s website ( “sixes cricket is an hybrid version of the game resulting in a fast and furious pace with just five overs (30 balls) per innings and six players per team. Matches take just 45 minutes to complete.”
The annual event has gained endorsement from the Asia Cricket Council and local sponsorship from Phuket’s business community, including the Hilton Arcadia and the Green Man Pub, venues for two of the official parties during the four-day event.
On the side, there are charity events, such as a beach cricket tournament, to raise funds for Child Watch, an organisation that assists children from broken homes or with abusive parents.

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Songkran Music Festival

Date : 14th April 09

Venue : Lake View Dance Arena, Koh Samui, Surat Thani

14th April 09. Lake View Dance Arena, Koh Samui. The very 1st Songkran International Dance Music Festival ever. Be there!!!This Songkran, come and Join 5,000 ravers at the largest outdoor venue in South East Asia.Featuring DJ Judge Jules, other DJs’ on the night will include Graham Gold, Gary Gecko, Asambai, Simon Solo, Adam Matson, David Sambor and DJ A.Alongside inflatable water pools, foam machines and a waterproof VIP area, Revellers can also enjoy traditional Thai and European food, plus a fun cabaret and casino.Kicking off at 6pm and ending at 6am the following day, guests are guaranteed 12 hours of the finest non-stop music and entertainment. And with tickets at just 400 Baht in advance, the best money you could spend this Songkran. See you there!!!
Ticket, Travel and Hotel Package is also available. See for more information. Or call (66)2- 833- 5555 / (66)86 - 046- 0240

Songkran Festival in Bangkok

Date : 10 - 15 April, 2009

Venue : At The 9 Sacred Places and Rattanakosin Square, Bangkok

Experience the demonstration of the Songkran Festival in 4 regions at Wat Pho as well as enjoy demonstrstions of Thai food and local desserts, feast your eyes on cultural performances.
Moreover, in the Songkran Festival, TAT would like to invite you to dress Thai attire, visit and participate in the event of "the 9 Sacred Places ". the 9 royal temples in the Rattanakosin Square. To experience the wonderful treasure and enjoy the Songkran Festival in authentic Thai syle.
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