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Happy New Year 2010

In Thai "สวัสดีปีใหม่ ๒๕๕๓"

Thailand’s New Year Countdown celebrations

31 Dec 2009 - 1 Jan 2010

Thais know how to party. Some might say at the drop of a hat. A party brings out the best in national identity – a broad genuine Thai smile. So should we be surprised that Thailand is a favoured venue to celebrate New Year? This is the land of smiles and “sanook”.

Whether the countdown is in Bangkok, Phuket or a far northern destination, the celebrations will carry the hallmarks of fun and genuine hospitality that make the country such a rewarding destination to visit.

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Khon Kaen International Marathon

Date : 31 January 2010
Venue : Khon Kaen university

Running 42 km for fun, or perhaps a faster time, can be a mite easier if it is on a scenic route past a city’s key attractions. It breaks the boredom and allows serious marathoners to notch up another course on a list of “been there, run those cities.”
Now in its sixth year the Khon Kaen International Marathon, held 31 January at the town’s university, commands respect from runners looking for a well organised event and an opportunity to establish a personal best; the holy grail for marathoners.
For more information
Khon Kaen University Alumni Association, Khon Kaen University,
Tel. 66 4320 2388-9, 66 4320 2750, 66 4320 2222-41 Ext. 1900, 1499
Website : www.khonkaenmarathon.com
Email: jackykkmarathon@hotmail.com , lekthip@hotmail.com

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The Royal Trophy – Europe vs Asia Golf Championship

Date : 8 -10 January 2010
Venue : Amata Spring Country Club, Chonburi

The Royal Trophy – Europe vs Asia Golf Championship is a unique, emotionally-charged and passionate competition played between the continents of Europe and Asia in a team match-play format.

The best players from Europe compete against the golfing elite of Asia in a spectacular series of matches for stewardship over the perpetual 16-kilogram Royal Trophy, graciously donated by His Majesty the King of Thailand.

The event is expected to produce record-breaking galleries, hightly competitive golf and great atmosphere all around.

For more information :
Entertainment Group Limited, Tel : +852 2834 0060
Entertainment and Sports Co., Ltd., Tel : +662 651 9499
Website : www.theroyaltrophy.com
E-mail : info@eg-rt.com

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Bor Sang Umbrella and Sankampaeng Handicraft Festival

Date : 15 - 17 January 2010
Venue : Bor Sang village, Chiang Mai
Bor Sang, on highway 1006 heading east from Chiang Mai, appears to be a typical sleepy rural village, the kind the tour bus speeds by giving you just a fleeting glimpse of its two-storey wooden houses. But hidden in the tiny lanes, villagers have perfected a craft that creates the country’s most famous umbrellas.

For more than 100 years, the village has been associated with the production of umbrellas made from Saa paper derived from mulberry tree bark. According to local history, a monk travelled to neighbouring Myanmar, where he came across Saa paper umbrellas that offered protection against both the sun and rain.

He returned with the production technique and introduced the umbrella to the elders of Bor Sang village, who added their own artistic skills to create a distinctive colourful, but very practical, umbrella. At first it was just a profitable hobby that supplemented the villagers’ earnings from the annual rice crop. However, with time production of the Saa paper umbrellas prospered, prompting villagers to establish a handicraft cooperative in 1941 that now organises the annual festival.

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Free food to promote ecotourism

Date : 27 - 28 January 2010
Venue : Ranong

Villagers pitch in to create an amazing eating festival to entice visitors to explore nearby ecotourism trails.

It sustains life and it is certainly a pleasure very few can deny so it kind of makes sense to celebrate the simple task of eating. Villagers in La Un district, some 80 km northeast of Ranong provincial town, believe their culinary skills are up to the test as they launch into their very own Eating Festival scheduled 28 January.

We can understand their enthusiasm as Thailand is certainly a top notch destination for superb food and every village appears to have secret recipes.

Like other Andamam coast provinces, Ranong is blessed with fine sandy beaches, off shore islands and opportunities to go deep sea fishing or scuba diving at incredible bargain prices.

But Ranong is probably the greenest of all Thailand’s provinces blessed with abundant rain that keeps national parks in pristine condition for visitors who want to journey down the eco-tourism trail.

That trail leads north of Ranong to Lamnam Kraburi National Park and the famous Punyabun Falls just off Highway 4. After admiring the beauty of the 6 km wide Kraburi River estuary that separates Thailand and Myanmar, travellers can head 20 km inland to La Un district that lies at the end of the rural highway 4091. Here villagers hope to draw visitors to sample eco-tours that will ultimately supplement the district’s income.

To draw attention to their forest tours they created an eating festival. It promises a scrumptious display of snacks and heavy-duty dining delivered to the village stalls by no less than 35 villages that make up the La Un district.
No duplications are allowed. Villages have drawn on southern culinary skills to showcase a wealth of down-to-earth cooking skills delivering a selection of spicy main dishes to eat with rice and an array of sweet deserts and snacks.
All this is feasting and snacking is absolutely free, a sign that La Un’s villagers recognise that the way to a visitor’s heart is via the stomach.

Efforts to open the district to tourism begin a day earlier, 27 January, with villages introducing eco-tour options. They hope to convince travellers who journey on Highway 4, between Chumphon and Ranong, to make a diversion inland to stop for a meal and learn a little about the district’s natural beauty, forest trails and even three hot springs near the village of Bang Phra Nua, in La Un district.

You will have to admit the buffet spread has a remarkable price tag. And if their tours are as tasty as the food, eco-tourism will be on the map at La Un thanks to a day of hospitality.

Call the district office at Tel: 077 899 058.

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Dairy and cowbow festivals

Saraburi province’s Muak Lek district surprises visitors with its own version of country western culture.

Dairy farming has been associated with the rolling hills of Saraburi since the 50s when pioneering farmers experimented with imported cattle. Today it is an important industry that supplies most of the popular milk products that are sold in supermarkets across the country.
Farms are concentrated mainly northeast of Saraburi town in Muak Lek district all the way to the Pak Chong intersection on Highway 2 heading towards Nakhon Ratchashima.

With the mountains of the famous Khao Yai National Park in the distance, diary meadows nestle between hills on both sides of Highway 2.
Not surprisingly, this undulating country is the home of the National Dairy Cows Festival. All of the celebrations and activities that will interest visitors will take place at the foot of Tapan Hill in Muak Lek district, approximately 39 km northeast of Saraburi, or 145 km from Bangkok.
Festivities begin with a royal visit from HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, who will graciously open the event which will feature seminars, a fair and concerts.

Visitors are probably most familiar with Chok Chai Farm one of the pioneers of the cowboy culture in Thailand. Today the farm has expanded to offer farm tours with various attractions including a zoo that appeals to families and groups. In the grand tradition of the cowboy the ranch is proud of its rustic timber restaurant serving up tender T-bone steaks.

While individual farms in Saraburi run fine restaurants and adopt a country western themes, come 20 January they unite to host the annual Cowboy Night at the Tapan Hill venue in Muak Lek district.

The event launches with dairy cow contests, but quickly takes on a carnival atmosphere with light hearted rivalry to declare who is sporting the best cowboy or cowgirl costumes.

According to Saraburi province’s tourism office the cowboy festival evolves into an amazing scene as hundreds of “Thai cowboys travel from different parts of the country to enjoy country western music, an exhibition of dairy and beef cow farming, cow contests, whip-cracking, roping and lariat show, and fancy gun handling. The festival venue even uses haystacks instead of tables and chairs.”

Muak Lek district has three resorts, a health spa and a couple of campsites catering to international visitors. The district is best known for its picturesque landscape, vineyards, river rafting, ATV expeditions, hot air ballooning, mountain bike trails and even a farm where children can learn to ride horses. Most of the resorts are in Muak Lek district on the rural road 2089 that winds around 300-metre high hills from the intersection on Highway 2.

For more details see http://www.toursaraburi.com/eng/tourism-eng/customs&festivals_eng.html
or call TAT Lop buri tel: 0 3642 2768-9

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