Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Koh Talu" Amazing Island

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Sometimes, when we feel so tried from work, we want to have time and a place for ourseives, may be stay alone or stay with friends. However, it must not be too far than we can reach. We wanna to see sparkling sea and dazzingly blue sky. We wanna play sailing kayaking, snorkeling. Somehow, if someone wanna do trekking seeling birds, plants in a beautiful and pure nature. It is here for you to enjoy.

The first time, We came to Koh Talu... In the morning we walked along beach and saw little rocks all over the beach. We know that there must be thousands of crabs. But they are special crabs that make a noise like a clock and they can climb up the tree too. Amazing isn't it?

Here... we can swim anytime, anywhere it is a private Island. In the afternoon... everyone will enjoy many water activitiess.
Seafood is fresh and delicious. Once, we went to cath squids and came back with loads of them. In the evening, we had a fantastic dinner by ourselves.
We love to lay down on white sandy beach, listening to the sound of waves. You may forget your tomorrow work.!! If we are free and want a peaceful and enjoyable holiday, we'll think of "Koh Talu Island Resort"